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Early Voting begins on February 20, 2024 and Election Day is March 5, 2024!
Smith County Elections dates/times and polling locations. Sample ballot when released for the March Primary…

The Issues

Working on solutions for Smith County!

Property Taxes & Government Spending

The Problem: The Biden Administration has saddled Americans with rising prices – inflation that has cut deeply into the pocketbook of every citizen. In addition, we saw our Smith County property appraisals surge!

Employee Retention

The Problem:  In certain areas of Smith County government, we have high turnover rates that escalate costs. The Smith County Commissioners Court has no plan to reward hardworking employees when their ideas result in high quality services at a lower cost.

Election Integrity

Elections are the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic.  Our country was founded on the “Consent of the Governed.” To give that consent, the people must depend on election integrity through ballot security!

Transparency & Accountability in Government

The Problem:  Confidence in government institutions continues to plummet. Do you really know HOW and WHY your tax dollars are being spent at any level of government?

Accessibility to Taxpayers, County Employees and All County Officials

We elect candidates to work for us – not for their own personal benefit. The people would like to see a sense of “business urgency” on the part of elected officials to complete work on time, under budget, and with open reporting.

Unconstitutional COVID restrictions and other government overreach

The Problem: We have lived through one of the most restrictive times in our history of liberty.  Much has been revealed regarding the virus, the pharmaceutical companies, and the CDC.  It is safe to predict this will be tried again.

I’m Christina Drewry and I’m not a politician.

God made two genders and He specifically made me a woman.  I’ve been married to my husband and best friend, Chris, for over 22 years. I have been blessed to raise two wonderful children that have become upstanding, tax-paying contributors to society.  As a woman, a wife, and a mother, I have a perspective that is valuable and important in shaping policies and decisions that affect families and communities.

I am a Servant.

Throughout my life, I have initiated various projects to support organizations and the community. From creating volunteer programs and reorganizing administrations to raising funds for significant projects, I have successfully identified opportunities where I can apply my talents for the betterment of others. I have always been passionate about serving others, and I believe that my experience in problem-solving and building relationships can be applied in a county government setting to create positive change for the taxpayer and the county employees. 

There was a time where I had little interest in politics.  Like many of you, I was appalled at the policies and procedures implemented as our state navigated “unprecedented times” through the restrictions of our Constitutional and natural rights.  In addition, the November 2020 Election left me with so many questions and I had to seek answers.  This time period was the catalyst for my deep dive into Texas politics at the state and local levels.

County Commissioners have a duty to:

Protect our citizens’ natural rights against rogue actions of the state or federal government;

Prioritize obtaining “consent of the governed” through transparency and citizen participation;

Ensure every election is secure and the results for every vote cast in every race or ballot initiative can be verified;

Ethically manage county business;

Uphold the rule of law at all times;

Prioritize public safety through effective law enforcement and the court systems;

Represent the people of our precincts over special interests;

Properly maintain county infrastructure (roads, bridges, drainage, buildings, vehicles, equipment, county data, and human resources);

Utilize tax revenue effectively and efficiently, ensuring the highest quality for the best price;

Set a tax rate with the burden of the taxpayer at the forefront of our minds.

I CAN and WILL help build a Smith County Commissioners Court
and a County Teamwork Plan
to move Smith County toward ACHIEVING excellence!

Christina Drewry - Republican for Smith County Commissioner - Precinct 1

Always putting YOU first!

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